Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Yoga for Prostrate Health

Men over forty often suffer from an enlarged prostate gland. For them yoga, with its asanas to energize and strengthen prostrate, can be an effective way to control and avoid the annoying malady

An enlarged prostate gland is a common malady in men after the age of forty. It has been seen that more than four out of every five men between the age of fifty and sixty have benign enlargement of this gland. As the prostate surrounds the urethra ­ the duct through which urine passes ­ when this gland enlarges, it interferes with urination. The patients find difficulty in passing urine and feel the urge frequently. Except for the extreme condition, enlarged prostrate is only annoying and not a serious ailment. What is dangerous is prostrate cancer ­ one of the most common types of cancer in men. Since the symptoms for both the problems are somewhat similar, people with prostrate cancer tend not to seek medical help immediately, which gives a chance to the cancer to spread. Both diseases can be prevented by yoga. First, one needs to meditate to destress the mind and preserve the glandular health. Under stress, the hypothalamus that controls the pituitary, which in turn regulates the functions of all the glands in the body, cannot do its job correctly. Second, asanas that exercise and energize the prostrate must be practiced. On of the most effective practices is Vajaroli.

How to do Vajaroli ?
Sit in any meditative pose such as
vajarasana, Sukhasana or Padmasana

Retain your breath and then try to contract the urethra. This is the same sensations and employs the same muscles which you would use to control urine flow. People who suffer from heart ailments should not hold their breath

Hold the contraction and the muscles for a short period of time. But don’t overdo this exercise. Your muscles will build up over a period of time Exhale and at the same times release the contraction Practise this Vajaroli technique 50 times a day.

Note: You must always exercise these asanas, by keeping your basic health in check; Incase your health practitioner has warned you not to do any exercise / asana, you must always abide by the same. We would not be responsible for any physical injury caused due to your not following your doctor's advise.

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